Coated Filters

We produce many different types of coatings. Challenge us with your requirements!

  • AR Coating (single layer)
    Reduces the reflectance of a specific wavelength and maximises the transmittance by using a single layer coating. It can also be used as surface protection.

  • AR Coating (multilayer)
    A multilayer AR coating is used to limit the reflectance over a wide wavelength range as much as possible and maximise the transmittance. It can also be used as surface protection.

  • Band Pass Filter
    A filter that transmits only one specific wavelength band and suppresses all other wavelengths.
  • UV / IR Cut Filter
    A filter that transmits the visible wavelength range and does not pass the ultraviolet and near infrared wavelength range.
  • Dichroic Filter
    A filter that efficiently transmits cyan, magenta, and yellow, which are the three primary colours of blue, green, and red, or their complementary colours.
  • Notch Filter
    A filter that attenuates light of a specific wavelength to a very low level and transmits light of other wavelengths.
  • ND Filter
    A neutral density filter features flat transmittance over a wide wavelength range at specified levels.
  • Mirror Coating
    A highly reflective mirror made by metal coatings such as aluminium on a clear substrate.
  • Water Repellent / Oil Repellent Coating
    A coating which prevents water, dirt and oil etc. to stick to an optical surface.
  • Antistatic Coating
    A coating that prevents dust from attaching to an optical surface.