Glass Moulded Lenses (GMO)

HOYA has established a unique technology that produces a large amount of highly accurate aspherical glass moulded lenses. In the process low Tg glass materials and super precision aspherical mould dies are used, both supplied by in-house resources. Our glass moulded lenses are supplied to interchangeable lens, single lens reflex cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, projector lenses, in-vehicle cameras, mobile phone cameras, BD picking up or collimator lenses and LBP laser applications.

Our strong point

Our competitive power is a consistent process from the production of materials to the finished aspherical lens. We have been developing suitable optical glass materials for aspherical glass moulding and high productivity moulding machines. Moreover, various advanced technologies concerning the glass moulding are continuously pursued. Also highly accurate lenses such as concave meniscus lenses will correspond. Customisation for trial purposes and mass production of custom goods based on the lens design drawing are received, please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

  • Improvement and development of optical glasses
    The improvement and development of optical glasses that can meet today’s increasing requirements are continuously undertaken. Our optical glasses are suitable for mass production and price effective, also all of our optical glasses are environment friendly containing no lead or arsenic.
  • Optical lens design
    Please consult us about the optical lens design of BD picking up or collimator lenses and LBP laser applications.
  • Mould die fabrication
    A highly accurate mould die used for aspherical moulding glass is prepared in-house. Our mould die production technology has been supported by the super precision mould die processing technology and the aspherical shape evaluation and control technology.
  • Preform glass
    Suitable preform glass is needed for the aspherical moulding process.
  • Glass moulding process
    Glass moulding processes are executed using our in-house designed moulding machine. Our recent improvement enables fabrication of medium size aspherical glass molding lenses and interchangeable lenses.
  • Coating, centring and other special requests
    We can fulfil specific multi-coating requirements based on customer request, please feel free contact us. Also we have in-house production capacity for special lens cutting such as D-cut or I-cut. Lens painting or cementing (aspherical/spherical) requests are also welcome.
  • Evaluation
    With more than 20 years of experience in aspherical lens fabrication, we can respond to requests for aspherical surface measurement, lens decentre/tilt measurement and evaluation of customer needs.
  • Tolerance of lens specifications
    Please consult us about the concrete tolerance of each lens drawing, if any.

GMO for SLR camera

GMO for Compact DSC

Objective lens for blu-ray disc

List of Glass Types (Glass Molded Lenses)

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