Green Filters (G)

Green filters transmit a relatively narrow wavelength band centred around light in the green part of the spectrum. They are used as contrast-effect filters for black and white photography, and also as 3-colour separation filters. Bond these filters and sharp cut filters together to attain the maximum transmittance at a specific wavelength or to absorb light of shorter wavelengths.

Applications: Cameras, displays

ItemStandard ValueColour specification (Standard illuminants A)ThicknessRefractive IndexChemical propertiesThermal propertiesMechanical propertiesSpecific gravity
λT (nm)∆λ (nm)TH (%)xymm600 nmDWDATgTsα -30/70α 100/300HKFAd

The listed data are standard values. As we are always improving our products, the data listed are subject to change without notice.