Heat Absorbing Filters (HA)

Heat absorbing filters feature high transmittance in the visible region and good absorption of heat radiation (infrared). They efficiently absorb thermal radiation emitted from light sources and are highly effective when employed for slide projectors and illumination equipment.

To prevent a filter glass from being broken by rapid heating or cooling, this filter can be also provided as a thermal toughening tempered glass.

Applications: Medical, light sources

ItemTransmittance Specification (%)Colour specification (Standard illuminants A)ThicknessRefractive IndexChemical propertyThermal propertiesMechanical propertiesSpecific gravity
λTmaxSpecific wavelengthTavxymm600 nmDWDATgTsα -30/70α 100/300HKFAd

The listed data are standard values. As we are always improving our products, the data listed are subject to change without notice.