There are those who follow trends. And those who understand the process of innovation.

The radical change of paradigm in the printing market is upon all of us.

Will you be in the forefront of the revolution along with HOYA or will u be left behind?

The choice is yours. The quality is ours.

Key Features

  • Irradiation unit with unparalleled accuracy and precise programmable control
  • Fully digital power supply with constant monitoring and outstanding design
  • Reliable power distribution accompanied by Master MCU and Interface Board
  • Touch panel master control for vivid clarity and comfort of control
  • Intelligent indication for perfect management

Technical Details

  • Emitting size: 12.5 inch, 15 inch, 17.5 inch, 20 inch
  • Wavelength: 395 nm
  • Peak irradiance: 25W/cm² WD=0
  • Dose: 240mJ/cm² 100M/min
  • Cooling: Air
  • Longevity: 20.000h+
  • Power: 3 Phase AC400V