Neutral Density Filters (W-ND)

World standard neutral density filters (W-ND filters) with top quality and excellent optical performance. The W-ND series is designed to match the world standard and is different from current line of neutral density glass types in terms of thickness and transmittance. Neutral density filters can be used for various purposes including adjustment of light amount as the light intensity can be controlled without selectively absorbing light with a specific wavelength (405 nm, 546 nm and 694 nm).
The specification of W-ND series is different from the conventional HOYA ND filters.

Applications: Cameras

Neutral Density Product Portfolio

HOYA W-ND seriesHOYA ND series
Standard Thickness1.0 mm*2.5 mm*
TransmittanceSpecified at 405 nm, 546 nm, 694 nm as
internal transmittance
Specified as average external transmittance from 400 nm to 700 nm

*The optical characteristics of W-ND/ND series filters are always adjusted by controlling the thickness of the glass.

ItemStandard ValueColour specification (Standard illuminants A)ThicknessRefractive IndexChemical propertiesThermal propertiesMechanical propertiesSpecific gravity
τ405nmτ546nmτ694nmxymm600 nmDWDATgTsα 100/300HKFAd

The listed data are standard values. As we are always improving our products, the data listed are subject to change without notice.